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What is CleverStuff about?

CleverStuff is a small group of Munich based engineers working in the fields of electronics, computing and mechanics who like to meet in Munich beergardens and let their minds run free. Usually, the day after, these ideas have vaporized. Very unfortunately also among them those really useful ones! This project is to take care about these ideas and review them for their "realization-potential". So here, we proudly present our latest product idea...

The Original Bavarian Bike Mug-Transporter

Just in time for the opening of the beer garden season 2010 we release the original Bavarian mug-transporter for bycicles. An ideal gift for Father's Day or a Bavarian souvenir, it is also suited for the discriminating beer enthusiast who likes to enjoy his/her beer from a stone ware mug - the so called Keferloher - as it was customary some decades earlier. The mug-transporter can be assembled to any type of bycicle trouble-free. Frame or steering wheel assembly is possible. Check out our foto gallery to see how our mug-transporter looks in the wild.

From a bike mug-transporter press review:

"For quite a while the inventors have been complaining that the old Bavarian custom of depositing a personal beer mug in a locker at the favorite beer garden has almost died out. During their regular beer garden visits they puzzled out an alternate solution and the idea for a mug-transporter for bycicles was born. Action suited to the word..."

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