Keferloher Stone Mug

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What is a "Keferloher"?

A Keferloher is usually known in Bavaria as a cylindrical, salt-glazed stone ware beer mug (tankard, stein) of grayish or brownish color, which is particularly well suited for beer drinking owing to its favorable characteristics. Due to the stone ware's isolating effect, the beer keeps chilled much longer. Its structured surface, which builds by adding salt during the process of firing, keeps the carbon acid longer in the drink and thus fresh many times over.

The Keferloher's origin

The Keferloher beer mug is a piece of living Bavarian tradition. It was once common wherever beer flowed freely - at fairs and large markets. Already since the late Middle Ages people enjoyed their beer from Keferloher mugs.
This drinking vessel has its origin in Keferloh, today a part of Grasbrunn nearby Munich. Since the Middle Ages one of the biggest cattle markets in southern Germany was held here and the visitors already enjoyed their beer from earthenware mugs.
Its immense popularity in Bavaria - then as now - is proven by the fact that even today many regulars' tables drink their beer from their own Keferloher mugs. Even at the Oktoberfest in Munich the beer was served predominantly in Keferloher mugs until about 35 years ago before they were replaced by glas mugs. One of the main reasons for this was, that customers couldn't check whether they were paying full for a handful of foam with just a mouthful of beer in it.
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