The Original Bavarian Bike Mug-Transporter

Always have your personal beer mug along with you!

No matter whether you are visiting a cozy beergarden, a public-viewing event or planning a biketour with your friends - just assemble our original Bavarian bike mug-transporter to your bycicle, and there you go! It's easy to fit and can be mounted to any common type of bike trouble-free. It is perfect as an original and inventive gift for the discriminating beer drinker, and it is by no means for Bavarians only!

Our contribution to Bavarian beer garden culture

But why bring your own mug along with you? That's an easy question to answer for active beer aficionados. Everyone who once enjoyed drinking beer from a glas mug - unfortunately common today, insufficiently cooled and rinsed - during high summer at peak periods knows the effect: the beer gets warm and vapid very, very fast. For us, this is simply not acceptable!
There is only one thing to produce relief here: a stone ware mug - the good old Keferloher! Why? Carbon acid bubbles can dock to the stone mug due to its roughened inner wall, thus keeping the beer fresh much, much longer. Also, earthenware makes a very bad heat conductor (by contrast to glas), keeping the beer chilled many times over. And, last but not least, you alone decide how coolly and how cleanly your mug is rinsed out!
So there are some good reasons to bolt our new and unique original Bavarian bike mug-transporter to your bycicle! See our Detail Views & Assemply page and find out how easy to fit our mug transporter really is. Also check out our mug-transporter live at Munich's largest beergarden - to be precise: the "Hirschgarten" - on our foto gallery page.
Bike Mug-Transporter: 29,00.- € + shipping costs -> order now

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